How a dog gave me a book

You’ve petted your dog, you’ve walked your dog, but have you ever been inspired by your dog? I have. My newest book, Switched, is particularly close to my heart because it was inspired by my late dog, Riley. One morning when she was young, we went walking in a canyon and I let her go off-leash. …
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Book review: Lore

LORE Young adult fiction by Alexandra Bracken Alexandra Bracken’s LORE boasts a killer premise. Every seven years, as punishment for an ancient rebellion, nine Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals, hunted by the descendants of Greek heroes. The seven days of hunting is known as the Agon, and whoever kills a god will …
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Where do I get my next story idea?

In the last newsletter, I shared what was going on with me as I finished a project and began to psych myself up for writing the next book. For me, it’s a sometimes-awkward process, filled with stops and starts. I wondered how it was for other writers, and my musing must have struck a nerve. …
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3 ways to handle rejection

Rejection sucks. No bones about it. And it sucks for every writer, whether you’re pre-published or world-famous. The prolific Isaac Asimov once said, “Rejection slips, however tactfully phrased, are lacerations of the soul, if not quite inventions of the devil — but there is no way around them.” It’s easy to lose heart in the face …
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Why is publishing so disorganized?

Dear Writer Guy,

Why is publishing so disorganized, compared to other industries?

Anonymous Writer (from SCBWI North-Central CA)

Dear A.W.,

I agree — from the outside, publishing looks much more disorganized than, say, the office supplies or plumbing industry.  Unlike plumbers, editors seem to take forever to reply to your query (assuming they reply at all).  If you’re lucky …
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