3 ways to handle rejection

Rejection sucks. No bones about it. And it sucks for every writer, whether you’re pre-published or world-famous. The prolific Isaac Asimov once said, “Rejection slips, however tactfully phrased, are lacerations of the soul, if not quite inventions of the devil — but there is no way around them.” It’s easy to lose heart in the face …
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Why is publishing so disorganized?

Dear Writer Guy,

Why is publishing so disorganized, compared to other industries?

Anonymous Writer (from SCBWI North-Central CA)

Dear A.W.,

I agree — from the outside, publishing looks much more disorganized than, say, the office supplies or plumbing industry.  Unlike plumbers, editors seem to take forever to reply to your query (assuming they reply at all).  If you’re lucky …
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Book review: Heart of the Moors

Tween fiction by Holly Black
What happens when you take an iconic Disney villain (in this case, Maleficent) and put her in the hands of Holly Black, doyenne of YA fantasy? A delightful tween story that humanizes the villain and puts a new spin on the world of Sleeping Beauty.

In this telling, Princess (now Queen) Aurora …
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How to boost your storytelling with cinematic techniques

BEGINNINGS: Kicking It Off—That Super-Critical Opening Moment Where and how to start one’s yarn, including choosing the just right opening words for a novel, play or short story, selecting that optimum moment for the beginning of a screenplay or teleplay, and the crucially important first meeting between your fictional creation and your audience is — once …
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The Line Tender reels you in

In Kate Allen’s lyrical novel, The Line Tender, budding middle school artist Lucy Everhart experiences a summer of discovery and loss in her seaside Massachusetts town. When the story opens, Lucy and her best friend Fred are abuzz over a fisherman landing a Great White Shark, rarely seen in their waters. The pair is working …
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