Bruce Hale’s Hat Club for Men

A public service for the follicle-ly challenged.

Men, have you ever wanted to wear a hat, but were afraid of looking foolish — or worse, like a hipster doofus? Fear no more. Hat-loving author Bruce Hale has put together this helpful guide for those who dare to don a chapeau.

  • Porkpie

    Similar to a fedora, but without the peaked crown and pinched front. Perfect if you want to look like a jazz man from the ’50s.

  • Beret

    Slip one of these babies on your head, and you can’t help it — you just feel French. (Attitude not included.)

  • Ball Cap

    Every dude’s fallback headwear. Caps look best with casual clothes, and if you’re considering the sideways look, leave it to young guys.

  • Trilby

    Often confused with a fedora, this pinched-front hat has a narrow brim, perfect for those of us with narrower shoulders.

  • Fez

    No matter how dignified you think you may look with a fez, it’s a tricky look to pull off. Best with a smoking jacket or in a James Bond movie.

  • Fedora

    Ah, that classic Humphrey Bogart/Indiana Jones look. Broad-brimmed fedoras are best for those with broad shoulders. Alas, not me.