Fun and Engaging School Visits, Virtual-Style!

Try a Zoom Author Visit with Bruce Hale

Now you can give your students all the benefits of an author visit — increased motivation for reading and writing, a personal connection with an author — at a fraction of the cost. With a Virtual Author Visit, all you need is the Zoom application (free) and a computer with a web camera.

And you won’t even have to buy me lunch!

A classroom of kids watching Bruce on the video screen.


Download the Virtual Visit Guidelines to learn the details. And when you’ve scheduled your visit, you can pay on-line using the PayPal button on this page. (Or via check if your school/library regulations frown on PayPal.)

To download Zoom software for either Mac or PC, click the Zoom logo below:

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To plan your visit, you’ll need:

Virtual Visit Guidelines
Book List

Contact Bruce to schedule your virtual visit today!

The kids haven’t stopped talking about your visit. The greatest benefit for us, being a small school, was that we could “bring in” an author of your caliber easily without having to justify a large expense. You far exceeded our expectations, and they were high to begin with.
Betty Klein, Avery Coonley School, Downers Grove, IL

You were BRILLIANT! The atmosphere you created in that room of 9- and 10- year-olds was that of a rock concert. The excitement and energy were palpable. Those students walked out of my classroom nothing short of giddy. (So did their teacher.)
Jolie Zimmermann, Sacred Hearts School, Honolulu, HI