Writer’s Tips Videos

Are you a young or beginning writer with questions about the craft? A teacher or librarian who wants to help young writers? Or just a fan of good writing? Any way you slice it, you’ll find something of value in these writing tips videos. Bruce’s tips are gleaned from nearly thirty years’ experience working “in the trenches of words” as a journalist and children’s book author. And if there’s something you’d like to know about the writing craft that he hasn’t yet covered, send us an email. Bruce will be making more of these clips in the future, and he might just address your questions.

Writer’s Block: How to Cure It

Learn how to cure writer’s block, whether you’re a young writer or anyone who grapples with this problem. If you embrace certain aspects of the creative process, writing gets so much easier. Abandon perfection. Give yourself permission to write a terrible first draft. Then follow these story writing tips to help you overcome writers block and write your story.

Revising a Story: Tips For Young Writers

Think you’re done after that first draft? No way, amigo. That’s when the real work of writing begins. Check out Bruce’s tips for young writers on how to revise, edit and improve your story. After you’re done applying these techniques, your story will shine!

The #1 Mistake Beginning Writers Make

Sure, you’ve got a main character and a central idea, but how do you turn that into a compelling story? Where most young writers go wrong is that they forget to have their hero try and fail many times before successfully solving the story’s central problem. Watch this video to understand the power of using the ol’ try-and-fail technique.