Trouble Is My Beeswax
Chet Gecko Mystery No. 8

Published: 2003

Trouble is My Beeswax Cover

Okay, I confess. When test time rolls around, I’m as tempted as the next lizard to let my eyeballs do the walking… to my neighbor’s paper.

But Mrs. Gecko didn’t raise no cheaters. (Some language-manglers, perhaps.).

So when a routine investigation uncovered a test-cheating ring at Emerson Hicky, I gave myself a new case: put the cheaters out of business.

Easier said than done. Those double-dealers were slicker than a frog’s fanny and twice as slimy.

Oh, and there was one other small problem: the finger of suspicion pointed to two dames. The ringleader was either the glamorous Lacey Vail, or my own classmate, Shirley Chameleon.

Sheesh. The only thing I hate worse than an empty Pillbug Crunch wrapper is a case full of dizzy dames.

The story moves along smoothly and Chet's investigation techniques are clever, corny, and comical. This visit with Chet will be a popular choice.

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