Clark the Shark Dares to Share

Published: 2013

Clark the Shark Dares To Share Cover

Here, our favorite boisterous shark learns that sharing is caring — but sometimes the lesson is a little confusing.

Clark shares his funky shark dance with the class, but Mrs. Inkydink tells him he has to wait his turn. Clark shares his reef-hockey skills, but his teammates would rather Clark share the puck. When Amanda Eelwiggle wins some sea slug ice cream in a reading contest, Clark really wants her to share, but Mrs. Inkydink says that’s up to Amanda. Sharing is confusing!

Then, when Clark visits Joey’s house, borrows his favorite toy without asking, and accidentally breaks it, Clark sees the darker side of sharing. However, with help from his friends (and his little brother), Clark at last learns that sharing can be sweet — with a hip, and a hop, and a skiddly-widdly wop!