Clark the Shark: Friends Forever

Published: 2022

Clark the Shark is thrilled to bursting about the big drawing contest. The winner gets Captain Suckermouth comics, signed by Captain Suckermouth himself! When Clark asks Joey Mackerel for help, his enthusiasm gets the better of him and he doesn’t listen to his friend. Joey is sad because his pet catfish died. Will Clark be able to truly listen and put his friend first?

Clark the Shark has been embraced in the elementary school classroom and at home. Kids laugh at his antics, and they also relate to the young shark who always means well but can get himself into scrapes due to his overabundance of energy.

This is the first Level Two I Can Read for Clark the Shark. Level Two I Can Read books are geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

A recommended story that helps young readers learn how to be a good friend.

School Library Journal