Clark the Shark Too Many Treats: An I-Can-Read Book

Published: 2019

It’s almost Treats Tuesday in Mrs. Inkydink’s class at Theodore Roosterfish Elementary, and Clark the Shark’s mother is baking brownies. Clark raves about his mom’s brownies so much, soon everyone in his class is hungry for them — even Mrs. Inkydink.

When Clark comes home to find that his mom is out and the brownies are cooling, he decides someone needs to test one to make sure it’s good enough for his friends. Bravely volunteering for that job, he tries one . . . and then another . . . and then another!

The impulsive shark just can’t stop eating, and soon all the brownies are gone. Will this ruin his class’s treat?

With easy-to-read text and Clark’s trademark rhymes, this I-Can-Read book is sure to have beginning readers ready to take a bite out of reading!