Super Troop

Published: 2022

Boy caught by his backpack, hanging on tree, as his friends march away

Cooper just wants to spend the summer before seventh grade drawing a graphic novel, having adventures with his best friend, Nacho — and ignoring the fact that his dad has a new girlfriend and his mom plans to start dating.

But then he and Nacho get into serious trouble with an amusement park prank. Coop’s parents give him a terrible choice: join the Boy Rangers, a dorky club that’s all about discipline and rules… or that dream cartooning camp in August? Will be erased.

At first the Rangers aren’t so bad — but then a new troop leader shows up. Mr. Pierce is a gruff ex-Marine who thinks he can turn the misfits of Troop 19 into a lean, mean, badge-earning machine. Now Coop has a new summer goal: make it out alive!

The Bad News Bears meet the Boy Scouts in Hale's family-centric adventure novel.

Publishers Weekly

Hopeful, poignant, and doomed to failure, his attempts to reunite his parents will strike a chord with many readers.