Dial M for Mongoose
Chet Gecko Mystery No. 15

Published: 2009

Dial M For Mongoose Cover

How well do you really know the folks you think you know? My investigations often show me the seamy underbelly of school life, but this case threw me for a loop. Folks I thought were the salt of the earth turned out to be the scum of the pond. And lowdown punks turned out to be nice guys.

But through fear and fire and thefts, I kept digging for the truth, like a mole tunneling to Mumbai. Why? Someone was trying to put my mongoose janitor pal, Maureen DeBree, on ice. And a true-blue PI doesn’t take that kind of monkey business lying down. (Standing up, maybe.)

Against all odds, I followed the tangled trail of clues to a conclusion that was nuttier than a squirrel’s sundae and riskier than a playdate in a piranha’s swimming pool. One thing I learned: when you want your floors waxed, dial M for mongoose. But when you want danger, deception, and mysteries unraveled, dial G for Gecko.

A choice series for reluctant readers.