Hiss Me Deadly
Chet Gecko Mystery No. 13

Published: 2007

Hiss Me Deadly Cover

I am an only child. I have only one sister. And that’s plenty more than enough, believe me.

When my sister got robbed, she turned to me for help. And like a dope, I jumped in with both feet. But a simple case of theft soon grew more challenging than playing Chinese checkers on a bucking bronco. Valuables started vanishing from school, and the top brass called me in.

True, I don’t know all that much about theft, but I do know what time it is when someone steals your refrigerator. (Time to get a new refrigerator.) I followed the twisty trail of clues until I’d unearthed more suspects than a zombie membership drive. And as I drew ever closer to the shadowy puppet master behind it all, I found myself in a spot tighter than a blue whale’s bikini.