The Big Nap
Chet Gecko Mystery No. 4

Published: 2001

The Big Nap Book Cover

My grades were lower than a salamander’s slippers, and my bank account was trying to crawl under a duck’s belly. So why did I take a case that didn’t pay anything?

Put it this way: Would you stand by and watch some evil power turn your classmates into hypnotized zombies? (If it wasn’t just what normally happened to them in math class, I mean.)

My investigations revealed a plot meaner than a roomful of rhinos with diaper rash.

Someone at Emerson Hicky was using sinister methods to put more and more students into la-la-land. And it was up to me to stop it, pronto — before that someone caught up with me, and I found myself sleeping The Big Nap.

A solid stand-alone in a choice series for reluctant readers.”