The Possum Always Rings Twice
Chet Gecko Mystery No: 11

Published: 2006

The Possum Always Rings Twice Cover

In my time, I’ve tackled cases stickier than a spider’s handshake and harder than three-year-old boll weevil taffy. But nothing compares to the job that landed me knee-deep in school politics.

What seemed like a straightforward case of extortion during our student-council election took more twists and turns than an anaconda’s lunch. It became a battle-royal for control of the school. (Not that I necessarily believe school is worth fighting for, but a gecko’s gotta do something with his days.)

In the end, my politicking landed me in one of the tightest spots I’have ever encountered. Was I savvy enough to escape with my skin? Let me put it this way: just like a politician, this is one private eye who always shoots from the lip.