Chet Gecko’s Detective Handbook (and Cookbook)

Published: 2005

Chet Gecko's Detective Handbook Cover

Revealed at last — stunning secrets and surprises from ace detective Chet Gecko’s criminal casebook! This nifty (and very handy) handbook features tips and techniques for detective work, including:

Suspects — How to spot ’em, bribe ’em, interrogate ’em, and run away from ’em when they get angry, plus a diagram revealing how to spot a liar.

Evidence — What it looks like, how to find it, and why you shouldn’t put it in your mouth.

Documents — Items every PI needs, ready for the photocopier: a detective license, a search warrant, a forged sick-day note, and more.

Searches — The three methods of conducting them, and where you might want to go looking.

Snacks — Why a detective needs ’em, and how to make some to bring with you on a case.