How do I choose my story topic?

Dear Writer Guy,

I am supposed to write a 1500 word story on any topic. I have been trying for a few days but nothing interesting seems to strike me. I want my story to be unique. Please help me out .


Dear Nidhi,

Usually I find the best way to come up with a topic is to work from your passion.  What are you passionate about?  Is it sports, your baby sister, videogames, your favorite food, preserving the environment?  Whatever it is, start from there.

I’d advise doing some free-writing on the subject first, to loosen up.  Give yourself permission to write total junk, but just get the pen (or keyboard) moving.  After you’ve written some junk, a kernel of something good may begin to emerge.  Work with that.

And above all, have fun!

Happy writing,

Writer Guy

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