International School Visit

I just returned from a terrific school visit in Bangalore, India, at Stonehill International School. The two librarians, Lamiya Bharmal and Antonella Giovanetti, did a bang-up job preparing their students, which included kids from India, the U.S., Asia, and many countries around the world. The students even had a joke contest and a “Draw Chet Gecko’s next villain” contest. Very creative!Stonehill Librarians

For two days, I spoke with everyone from K-12, doing assemblies, writing workshops, cartooning lessons, and even an impromptu serenade. The kids were wonderful — smart, engaged, and ready to participate. Despite my jet lag, I deeply enjoyed my time with them, which included an on-campus visit by a family of monkeys.

I guess it’s true what they say — kids are kids, wherever you go! Thanks, Stonehill, for a marvelous author visit!

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