Going global, sharing stories

It’s been a busy winter-into-spring. My travels have taken me from Bakersfield to Switzerland, and from Stockholm to Kentucky, sharing my stories and helping get kids excited about writing their own. Although it’s wreaked havoc with my writing schedule, I feel honored and grateful that so many schools have invited me to speak with their students.

Some of the highlights of the past couple of months…

Sleeping in a haunted inn in Bardstown, Kentucky;

Speaking to international students in lovely Lugano, Switzerland (and enjoying some tasty gelato);

Visiting a museum dedicated to a sunken 1600s-era warship in Stockholm;

Driving through a crazy snowstorm to speak to a reading conference in Reno.

Through it all, two things came home to me time and time again: Everybody loves a story, and no matter where you go, kids are kids! Just a couple more visits to go, then I look forward to a long summer at home spent writing my next stories.

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