Happy book birthday to Class Pets!

Today, I become the proud papa to twins, as the Class Pets series premieres with the first two books at the same time: FUZZY’S GREAT ESCAPE and FUZZY TAKES CHARGE. As a long-time pet lover, I’ve particularly enjoyed working on this series.

Growing up, we always had a string of pets around the house. Several dogs. Two cats. Bunnies. A raven. A desert tortoise. An alligator lizard. And a baby crocodile that died and which my dad flushed down the toilet.  (I think it may have only been napping, and it’s now bred a family down in the sewers.) For me, pets are a vital part of home life. They always seem to bring more warmth and love into the house, even if they’re cold-blooded critters.

So when it came time to write a book about classroom pets and the people who enjoy them, it was a natural fit for me. I’ve truly enjoyed writing (and drawing) the adventures of Fuzzy, the guinea pig who dreams of bigger things, and all his pet pals at Leo Gumpus Elementary. I hope you enjoy the books too, whether you’re a longtime pet lover like me, or just someone with a soft spot for animals. And if you do like these Class Pets, there are at least two more books to come, later this year!

Happy reading!

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