Help, my ideas aren’t working out!

Dear Writer Guy,

I am writing a story right now, but I can’t think of any ideas on what to write about next. I’m mostly focusing on the genre of “Fictional and Fantasy.” Whenever I think of a good idea, it either doesn’t work out and can’t connect to the rest of the story, or it doesn’t make any sense. Like, literally zero sense. Anyways, I hope there are some ways that I can write a good story and eventually publish it; I got inspired by my friend to write a book! Thank you so much!!

Cynthia L.

Dear Cynthia,

I’m glad to hear that you’re inspired to write.

Many times, when a story isn’t going anywhere or isn’t making sense, that’s because there isn’t a “through-line” as screenwriters call it. Basically, you have to give your character a strong desire or goal that’s hard to reach, and have them pursue it throughout the story, facing bigger and bigger challenges. Everything that happens in your story should somehow connect to your character’s pursuit of that desire.

Without assigning the hero a compelling goal, it’s too easy to let your story drift into a recitation of “this happened, then that happened.” Nobody wants to read that. Instead, to give your story narrative drive and forward momentum, make your hero want something really badly, then make it HARD for them to achieve it.

Hang in there. Writing is one of those things you have to learn by doing. I wrote a ton of bad stories before I got published. If you stick with it, you’ll get there.

Happy writing,
Writer Guy

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