The monsters are coming!

For an author, having a new book come out is almost like having a baby. (But without all the crying and messy stuff. Usually.) I’m pleased to say I’ve got a new book being published right after the Fourth of July, and I couldn’t be prouder than a new papa.

The newest addition is a humorous horror story called The Curse of the Were-hyena, and it’s the first book in my new Monstertown Mysteries series.  This series is particularly special to me because it’s based on a book idea I had in second grade — that’s right, second grade. (Some ideas take longer to turn into a story than others!)

GIF of new book, The Curse of the Were-HyenaBack in Grade 2, I illustrated a little cardboard book called The Two Brothers at Monstertown. I say illustrated instead of wrote, because the only words in the whole book are those in the title. When I’ve showed this book during school visits, kids have always asked, “Why don’t you turn that into a real book?” It only took fifty years or so, but I finally have.

Were-hyena is the story of two fourth-grade best friends, Carlos and Benny, who begin to suspect that their favorite teacher is turning into, yes, a were-hyena. Mr. Chu bullies students, laughs maniacally, and even starts sprouting hair on his bald head. Carlos and Benny set out to stop the transformation, and discover a whole lot of creepiness happening in their hometown.

In the course of trying to cure their teacher, Carlos and Benny learn what it really takes to be a hero, even though they’re not sure they qualify. By the end of their creeptastic adventure, they decide their hometown should change its name from Monterrosa to Monstertown.

The book comes out on July 5th, and I hope you’ll pick it up soon for a funny, freaky read!

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