Do I need a website if I’m not published yet?

Dear Writer Guy,

I am an up-and-coming writer. Translation: unpublished but soon to be published.  (I just know it.)  My question: Do I need a website? I don’t have anything published to put on it.  I hear that I need a presence anyway.  What do I put on the site?  I sure don’t have the time for a blog.  Please, please help.


Dear Robyn,

Glad to hear you’re getting close to publication.  Hang in there.

More than anything, what will get you published is good, quality writing and awareness of the marketplace.  Websites and blogs are useful for promoting your work, but when you’re looking to break in, your primary focus should always be on making your writing as good as it can possibly be.

That said, I have heard of two California SCBWI members who were able to get published largely through the help of their blogs.  (One wrote about poetry, and the other wrote about the trials and tribulations of trying to get published.)  But they wouldn’t have gotten into print without solid, publishable manuscripts to back up their blogging.

If you only have enough time for one thing, work on improving your writing.  If you can squeeze in something else, work on promoting yourself via a website or social media. (Publishers love Web-savvy authors with an audience of followers.)  What to talk about on your site or profile?  Pull from your expertise, whatever that may be — arts and crafts, children’s book reviews, special hobbies, etc. — and try to connect with others who share those interests. If you’re able to build relationships, these are the people who will buy your book as soon as it comes out.

I hope that helps.  Keep on writing, and remember: persistence is more important than talent.

Happy writing,
Writer Guy

2 thoughts on “Do I need a website if I’m not published yet?

  1. Kare Cody says:

    Hi Bruce, After reading hundreds of books to our toddler, I just came upon your book at a Children’s library today “Clark the Shark.” It is one of the cutest, best written children’s book I have come across. I love how cleverly it rhymes and the catchy names and high energy enthusiasm.

    1. Bruce Hale says:

      Hi, Kare — I’m so glad that you took the time to tell me how you liked Clark the Shark. It’s one of my personal favorites, and you’ll be pleased to know that there are 8 other books about Clark!

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